Saturday, August 28, 2010

Went Mall Shopping, Made $2.82!

This is only my second blog, so bear with me! I just have to write about today because I'm so thriled!

First of all, I'm signed up for all sorts of reward programs. You name it, I'm subscribed. One of my favorites is the Victoria's Secret club, because about twice a year, they send the "free panty cards." The one I got about two weeks ago was EVEN BETTER-- not only a free panty, but $10 off any purchase, so I got two free pair today! I was so thrilled!

I also had a $10 Old Navy gift card from the Viewpoints reviews I did a few weeks ago, and lucky me, this weekend is the GAP brands 30% off "Give and Get" promotion, so I scored some sweet deals. My husband needed new socks and I found a great shirt for my son for next summer, both for $7.12 total, and the sweet cashier refunded the balance in cash, so I left with $2.82!

If you haven't heard of Viewpoints, I highly suggest you try it out. Until August 31, they're running another review promotion, and you'll score a $10 Amazon gift card for 10 reviews. What a deal! Check out their website for complete details.

That's it, guys. If you're visiting, please leave a comment to say hi and help me out with a little constructive criticism!